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Revamp of world's first factory trials novel procurement

The Derby Silk Mill building is widely regarded as the place where factory working was started around 300 years ago and forms part of the UNESCO revampDerwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site.

The heritage project will reveal the whole building for the first time and re-introduce manufacturing to the site.
Under the IPI approach all key packages will be appointed from the outset to work out the best way to achieve and develop the project’s cost plan, which is insured by IPI.

It will be one of the trial projects supported and monitored by the Cabinet Office as part of a review of best practice project delivery.
Firms interested in bidding will be invited to attend an industry day on the 1 June at the Derby Silk Mill site.

Architects, Bauman Lyons, and exhibition designers, Leach, have been working with the Derby Museums’ team for the past year
They will convert to the Alliance Contract and IPI model once the full team is in place.

More information on specialist and main contractor roles is available from Hannah Fox, tel: 01332642234 or by email.