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Scape confirms £7bn framework awards

Building revealed last week that Willmott Dixon, Lendlease, Wates and Robertsons had bagged spots on the framework.

Scape has confirmed the five winners - Willmott Dixon, Lendlease, Wates and Robertsons - on its £7bn major works framework, which Building revealed last week.

The new five lot framework will replace Scape’s existing major works agreement, which has been held solely by Willmott Dixon and expires in May.

Lendlease is confirmed as winning the UK-wide lot covering the largest projects worth £50m-plus, while Wates has won the lot covering the next tier of projects down, worth between £10m-50m.

Willmott Dixon has bagged two regional lots covering England and Northern Ireland and Wales, while Robertsons has won the Scotland lot - all the regional lots are for projects worth between £2m-20m.

In July last year Scape increased the estimated value of the new version of the four-year framework from £5.5bn to £7bn.

The public procurement body at the time said the £1.5bn uplift in the value of the framework was due to feedback from its public sector clients over the amount of work they expect to tender through the framework. 

Mark Robinson, Scape chief executive, said: “The competition for this framework was fierce and the quality of bids extremely high. Willmott Dixon, Robertson, Wates and Lendlease evidenced the right blend of quality and value offers, along with the expertise and capacity to deliver the diverse needs of the public sector both now and in the future.

“The possible Brexit cost to the construction sector due to a loss of EU talent, the increased costs of building material imports and higher tariffs could be significant, so a robust and stable delivery model led by strong contractors and supported by local enterprise, like the National Construction framework, will be an important delivery option for the public sector as we progress through the next four years. “

Lot Region Lot Value Project Value Contractor
Major Works England & Northern Ireland £1.5bn to £1.75bn £2-20m Willmott Dixon
2 Major Works Wales £300m to £500m £2-20m Willmott Dixon
3 Major Works Scotland £500m to £750m £2-20m Robertsons
4 Major Works UK £1.5bn to £2bn £10-£50m Wates
5 Principal Works (UK) £1.5bn to £2bn £50m+ Lendlease

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